ADROIT THEORY BREWING is independently owned!

First Brewed



Virginia, United States


Adroit Theory Brewing Company was founded in Purcellville, Virginia in 2014 by husband and wife Mark and Nina Osborne. They were originally planning to be called AntiThesis Brewing, but later switched after finding a winery with a similar name. The Osbornes hired Greg Skotzko to be their head brewer, and worked initially off of a tiny 1 barrel system before moving to a bigger 10 barrel system. Their high gravity and fruited beers are brewed in-house, while they contract brew with brewers in Vint Hill, VA, Washington D.C., and in Orlando, FL for the remainder of their portfolio. They proudly do not have any flagships, and instead denote each new batch of beer with a “Ghost number” alongside the beer name.

Popular Beers by this Brand

  • Evangelion XV Arael Hazy Triple IPA
  • No Escape From The Darkness Hazy Imperial IPA
  • Schwarzbier Style Black Lager
  • Strictly For My Grind Kolsch Style Ale
  • All Shall Perish Hazy Imperial IPA
  • Elegy Hazy DIPA
  • Tenebris Barleywine
  • Ix Hazy Imperial IPA
  • Legion Belgian Stout
  • Ebk Hazy Imperial IPA
  • Ne Style Imperial IPA
  • Elegy Hazy Imperial IPA
  • Invisible Art Black IPA
  • I Adam Hazy Imperial IPA
  • EBK NE Style Imperial IPA
  • Morpheus Hazy Imperial IPA
  • What Evil Lurks Imperial Stout
  • Cannibalism Imperial Milk Stout
  • Therapy Sessions Imperial Stout
  • The Devil Made Me Smoked Porter
  • Black As Your Soul Imperial Stout
  • Blvck Celebration Imperial Porter
  • Abandon All Hope Hazy Imperial IPA
  • All I See Is Carrion Belgian Quad Ale
  • Evangelion Xviii Lilin Hazy Triple IPA
  • Destructive Construction Hazy Imperial IPA
  • The Death Of Cthulhu Russian Imperial Stout
  • Now I Am Death Destroyer Of Worlds Triple I
  • The Death Of Civilization In Slow Motion Ii
  • The Death Of Civilization In Slow Motion Ip
  • Imagination Atrophy Caramel Macchiato Milk

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