ALLAGASH BREWING is independently owned!

First Brewed



Maine, United States


Allagash Beer was created in 1995 in Portland, Maine by Rob Tod. Tod had previously worked at Otter Creek Brewery, and wanted to fill a void of Belgian style beers in the Northeastern United States. In 2007, Allagash Beer became the first brewery in the United States to spontaneously brew their beer in the Lambic style in a coolship. The brewery expanded from a small 15 barrel brewhouse welded by Tod himself, to major expansions in 2010 and 2015. In 2019, the company became a certified B corp, and was recertified in 2023.

Popular Beers by this Brand

  • White Belgian Style Wheat
  • Curieux Belgian Style Golden Ale
  • Tripel Belgian Style Ale
  • Hop Reach IPA
  • River Trip Belgian Style Session Ale
  • North Sky Stout
  • Tripel Reserve
  • Series
  • White
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout
  • Seconds To Summer Lager
  • Barrel & Bean Tripel Ale
  • Days End Ale
  • Once Upon An Orchard Wild Sour Saison Ale
  • The Stranger And The Crane Dark Saison Ale
  • Fine Acre Golden Ale
  • My One & Only Sour Red Ale
  • Nocturna Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout
  • Little Grove Sparkling Session Ale
  • Heart Of Hearts Sour Golden Ale
  • Cherry Lime Times Session Sour Ale
  • Saison
  • Four Ale
  • Brett IPA
  • Evora Ale
  • Dubbel Ale
  • Fluxus Ale
  • Tiny House Ale
  • James Bean Ale
  • Two Lights Lager
  • Little Brett Ale
  • Truepenny Pilsner
  • Nowaday Blonde Ale
  • St Klippenstein Ale
  • Sixteen Counties Ale
  • Farm To Face Pale Ale
  • Pick Your Own Sour Ale
  • Emile American Wild Ale
  • Black Belgian Style Stout
  • Fv 13 Oak Barrel Aged Ale
  • Map 40 Belgian Style Stout
  • Hugh Malone Belgian Style IPA
  • Pastiche Blended Barrel Aged Ale
  • Mattina Rossa Raspberry Sour Ale
  • Darling Ruby Farmhouse Style Ale
  • Hibernal Fluxus Belgian Style Stout
  • Coolship Red Spontaneously Fermented Ale
  • Hoppy Table Beer Dry Hopped Belgian Style Ale

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