BOLERO SNORT BEER is independently owned!

First Brewed



New Jersey, United States


Bolero Snort Brewery was founded in 2013 in New Jersey by Bob Olson, Jr. Olson had been an award-winning homebrewer before starting his brewery, and in 2012 he began plans to take his brewing commercial. The brewery was incorporated in 2013, and at the time it was only one of 16 breweries in the state of New Jersey. At first, the brewery operated nomadically, brewing their beer out of the facilities of partner breweries. Early on, Olson teamed up with Scott Wells, who had experience in craft beer sales and was a strong supporter of the “Drink Local” movement. By 2014, Wells joined Bolero Snort as a co-owner of the brewery with Olson.

In 2019, the brewery set down roots in Carlstadt, New Jersey, with a 16,000 square feet brewery with a 30 barrel brewhouse and taproom.

Popular Beers by this Brand

  • Orange Cream Pop IPA
  • Sour Pasture Calves
  • Pebb Light Hazy Session IPA
  • Seeing Doubull Double IPA
  • Charger IPA
  • Moojito Lager
  • Moodern Art IPA
  • Explorabull IPA
  • Hop On Toro IPA
  • How Now Brown Ale
  • Mooterial World IPA
  • Bullyjuice Double IPA
  • A La Mooode Hard Cider
  • Bulloween Fruited Sour
  • Cowthulu Imperial Gose
  • Bull Pop Berliner Weisse
  • Cowfee Break Milk Porter
  • Watermelon Crushabull IPA
  • Crooked Labulls Double IPA
  • Anudder Day In Paradise IPA
  • Kowabunga Dry Hopped Kolsch
  • El Moochador Imperial Stout
  • Lucky Buck Nitro Irish Stout
  • Aurora Bullrealis Double IPA
  • Svb Strawberry Cream Pop IPA
  • Bullazed Double India Pale Ale
  • Blackberry Crumbull Hard Cider
  • The Bull Abides Imperial Stout
  • Uddr Peach Cherry Kettle Sour Ale
  • Lumbulljack Maple Cinnamon Hard Cider
  • I Aint Afraid Of No Bulls Fruited Sour
  • I Aint Afraid Of No Bulls Ii Double IPA
  • Moodoo King Cake Inspired Imperial Stout
  • Buck 2020 Mimosa Inspired Imperial Lager
  • Bulliner Vice Charged Berliner Style Weisse

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