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HAILSTORM BREWING is independently owned!

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Illinois, United States

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Hailstorm Brewing Company was founded in Tinley Park, Illinois in 2014 by Brandon Banbury, Chris Schiller, and Gene Wabiszczewicz. Schiller invest the funds to start the brewery, while Banbury acted as head brewer and Wabiszczewicz did maintenance and delivery work. In 2020, Banbury left the company to become brewer at Wiley Roots Brewing in Greeley, Colorado, leaving the brewing duties to Steve Miller.

Miller had become a part owner in Hailstorm the following year with a 3% stake. His time as an owner was short lived, however, as later that year Miller forced his hands down the pants of a community member during an after party for the “Great Taste of the Midwest” beer festival in Madison, Wisconsin. An observer recounted her account of the incident on a local Facebook group, and Miller later confirmed the assault in a reply, describing it as “an accurate portrayal of the night.” Schiller and the other owners of the company (of which there were now five) convened and exercised the disassociation clause of their agreement to remove hiller from the ownership and terminate his employment with Hailstorm. He was later replaced by head brewer Wil Turner.

Popular Beers by this Brand

  • South Side Irish Red Irish Style Red Ale
  • Prairie Madness India Pale Ale
  • Hotel Life American Lager
  • Stratus Northeast Style Double IPA
  • Cumulus Northeast Style IPA
  • Ceske Pilsner
  • Dominatrix Triple IPA
  • Vlad Russian Imperial Stout
  • Makatea West Coast Style IPA
  • Shake Things Up Milkshake IPA
  • Cirrus Northeast Style Oat IPA
  • Tennis Sweater Hazy Double IPA
  • Banaba West Coast Style Double IPA
  • Nimbus Northeast Style Session IPA
  • Howdy Neighbor Strawberry Lemon Kolsch
  • Strawberry Summer Strawberry Lemon Kolsch
  • Boat Drinks Double Dry Hopped New England Double IPA
  • Forklift Training Key Lime Cheesecake Inspir Pastr
  • Take Me To Your Liter Oktoberfest German Style Lag
  • Vlad The Second Order Of The Dragon Neapolitan Sto
  • Lumberjack Breakfast Maple & Coffee Imperial Milk

Click here to order HAILSTORM BREWING delivered straight to you

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