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Marston’s Brewery was founded in 1834 in Burton Upon Trent, England by John Marston. It was originally known as J. Marston & Son, and brewed out of the Horninglow Brewery in the town famous for its beers. In 1890 it was established as a limited liability company, and eight years later it merged with John Thompson & Son Ltd. At the same time, the company was brewing over 100,000 barrels a year, and to meet demand it moved to a new facility called the Albion Brewery, which is still in operation.

In 1905, the company became Marston, Thompson, & Everhed when it merged with Sydney Evershed brewing. That company was purchased nearly a century later by Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries in 1999, and in 2007 the company acknowledged the history of the Marston’s brand by renaming itself Marston’s plc.

In 2020, Marston’s announced that it would spin off its brewing division from the rest of its company (which at that point was largely focused on hospitality. It then formed a joint venture with Carlsberg Group valued at £780 million. Marston’s contributed its brewing division to the group and received a 40% stake in the new enterprise along with £273 million, while Carlsberg retained the majority control. The new company is known as Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company and is headquartered in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

The brewery is unique in that it still uses the “Burton Union” method of fermentation, whereby wooden fermentation vessels are linked together to avoid overflow, with the net result of making the beer more consistent. The practice was typical of 19th century Burton beers, but has largely been abandoned by other major brewers in favor of stainless steel fermentors.

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