MODIST BREWING is independently owned!

First Brewed



Minnesota, United States


Modist Brewing was founded in 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Eric Paredes and Keigan Knee. The brewery relies on modern, often unorthodox methods for brewing (hence the name “Modist”), such as gathering the liquid for their beer from the mash with a filter instead of a traditional lautering tun. In 2023, they began a $2 million renovation of their building.

Popular Beers by this Brand

  • Dreamyard American IPA
  • False Pattern New England Pale Ale
  • Supra Deluxe Premium Lager
  • Teal Label Westcoast IPA
  • Double Ghost Vision DDH Citra & El Dorado Double N
  • Into It Lemon Lime Lager
  • Oatrich Oatmeal Double Stout
  • Double False Pattern DDH New England Double Pale A
  • Shook Guava Milkshake IPA
  • And Mother Cactus Sour Ale
  • Hypersolid New England IPA
  • Mango End Layer Fruited Gose
  • Pink Lemongrab Pink Lemonade Sour
  • Knees In The Breeze West Coast IPA
  • Mangoshino Mango & Cherry Smoothie Sour
  • Noise Floor Double Dry Hopped Cream IPA
  • Bite Size Coconut Almond Chocolate Stout
  • Bite Size Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Stout
  • Liquid El Dorado Crystals New England IPA
  • Other Half Tater Tot Hotdish DDH Double IPA
  • Mn Brew Together Orange Dreamsicle Sour IPA
  • Rhinestone Eyes Double Dry Hopped Double IPA
  • Double Raspberry Endlayer Double Fruited Gose
  • Alien Angel Double Dry Hopped New England IPA
  • Liquid Mosaic Crystals DDH Mosaic New England IPA
  • Moon Guts Double Dry Hopped New England Double IPA
  • Reptilian Elite Double Dry Hopped West Coast Doubl
  • Dont Even Trip Triple Dry Hopped Oat Milk & Cream
  • Breathing Conversations Double Dry Hopped New Engl
  • Double Up 2 Up Double Dry Hopped Oat Cream NE Doub
  • Esoteric Eclecticism Double Dry Hopped Oak Aged Pi
  • Forbidden Islands Double Dry Hopped New England Do
  • Double Dreamyard Double Dry Hopped Double New Engl
  • Fruitropolis Double Fruited Imperial Smoothie Sour
  • Abracadaver Double Dry Hopped New England Double I
  • Sippin And Forgettin Coconut Lemon Berliner Weisse
  • Half Believing Gravity Tangerine Pink Guava Fruite

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