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Ontario, Canada


Nickel Brook is a Canadian craft beer brand that was created in 2005. It was founded by John and Peter Romano, two brothers passionate about brewing. John had previously been a salesman for high precision components in the aerospace industry, and had grown stressed out in the job. He and Peter then founded Better Bitters Brewing Company, a “brew your own” space where customers could make beer for themselves. After the novelty of that venture started to peter out, the two began talking about making a new brewery.

The original brewery was established in Burlington, Ontario, and quickly gained popularity for its quality brews. In 2015, Nickel Brook underwent a significant expansion, merging with Collective Arts Brewing, a Hamilton-based brewery known for its artistic approach to beer-making. This merger brought together two innovative companies into a new company known as Arts & Science Brewing Company, a nod to the “Arts” from Collective Arts, and the “Science” from Nickel Brook’s science-focused imagery. The two shared a 50,000 space in the former Lakeport Brewing facility in Hamilton, where they brewed their own brands side by side.

The collaboration ended in 2017, however, when each brand had outgrown their share of the space. At that point, sales for Nickel Brook had been doubling every year since 2012. Collective Arts bought out Nickel Brook’s share of the joint venture, and Nickel Brook planned to move to a new location in the Niagara Region. That plan did not pan out, and instead they found a new brewery in Burlington, Ontario, where they originated. In 2021 they moved to another location within Burlington, and added a second taproom in nearby Etobicoke.

Popular Beers by this Brand

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  • Head Stock India Pale Ale
  • Kentucky Bastard Imperial Stout
  • Naughty Neighbour American Pale Ale

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