PENROSE BREWING is independently owned!

First Brewed



Illinois, United States


Penrose Brewing Company was founded in 2014 in the Chigago suburb of Geneva, Illinois by Eric Hobbs and Tom Korder. The two were working at Goose Island Brewing Company, with Korder as Brewery Operations Manager and Hobbs as a Key Accounts Manager, when they met. After its recent acquisition by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the two began to think about starting their own brewery.

The brewery achieved quick success, selling out of four of its six beers in its opening weekend. However, they also suffered drawbacks as they were forced to issue two product recalls in its first two years, after bottles began to referment on the shelf and explode. This caused them to revert to serving their beer only in kegs as they explored a canning line for their products. In 2016, Hobbs left Penrose Brewing after disagreements with its investors grew to a fever pitch. Korder remains a part of the operation.

Popular Beers by this Brand

  • Goofy Boots Juicy Midwest IPA
  • Lil Boots Hazy Session IPA
  • Taproom IPA
  • Hiking Boots Vermont Style Double IPA
  • German Style Pilsner
  • Lil Boots Hazy IPA
  • Oktofest German Style Lager
  • The Dorado Midwest IPA
  • Session Sour Ale
  • Dryft Mosaic IPA
  • Neon Shadows New England Style Double IPA
  • Samoa Stout
  • Timber West Coast IPA
  • Crocodile Boots Hazy IPA
  • Hazy Chain Hazy Midwest IPA
  • Chill Haze Hazy Midwest IPA
  • Nordic Haze Hazy Midwest IPA
  • Mango Citra Session Sour Ale
  • Bird Shirts Juicy Midwest IPA
  • West Coast Jake West Coast IPA
  • Midwest Vice Juicy Midwest IPA
  • Fruti Pebbles Fruited Midwest IPA
  • Nordic Thunder Fruited Midwest IPA
  • Wet Hop Haze Wet Hopped Midwest IPA
  • Stevens Street Double Dry Hopped Apa
  • Haze Down Under Northeast Style DIPA
  • DDH Lotus Goofy Boots Juicy Midwest IPA
  • Double Mango Dorado Fruited Midwest IPA
  • Beezer Boots Juicy Double Dry Hopped IPA

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