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Connecticut, United States

Shebeen Brewery was founded in 2013 in Wolcott, Connecticut by Rich Visco and Pat Lacerra, as well as several minority investors. However, by 2019 the company was running out of money, and in 2020 it was purchased by the Connecticut Brewery Collective, which had Marjan Rokhsar as its principal owner in its state filings. The company billed itself as women-owned, and claimed that Visco was no longer in ownership. However in 2021 Connecticut Brewery Collective purchased Foolproof Brewing in Rhode Island, and Visco was quoted as the owner in an article announcing the deal.

In 2022, the company (now going by the name Brewery Collective) closed Shebeen’s taproom and said it would focus on distribution. Later that year the taproom reopened under the name Velvet Libations, but that enterprise lasted less than six months. Shebeen beer is now brewed out of Foolproof’s brewery.

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