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Ontario, Canada

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Sleeman Breweries was founded in Guelph, Ontario in 1851 by John H. Sleeman. It was originally known as Silver Creek Brewery, and it achieved great success throughout the late 19th century in Ontario and Quebec. In 1890, John’s son George, then in control of the business, incorporated the business and renamed it Sleeman Brewing and Malting Company Limited. Poor investment choices caused Sleeman to lose control of the business, and it was repossesed by its creditors in 1905. However, Sleeman went on to open a new brewery called Springbank Brewery, and by 1906 he was able to purchase Sleeman Brewing back from the bank.

In 1933, the Sleemans were charged with tax evasion and smuggling, as they had been successful in bootlegging their beer into the United States during prohibition. They were found guilty, and were forced to sell the brewery to Jockey Club Brewery Ltd. By 1955, the Sleeman brand name had become inactive. It remained out of production until 1988, when the great great grandson of John H. Sleeman, John W. Sleeman, reestablished Sleeman Breweries. The revival was a success, with Sleeman eventually purchasing Shaftebury Brewing Company in 1999, as well as the Stroh’s family of brands. Later, it purchased Unibroue in 2004. In 2006, Sleeman Breweries was purchased by Japanese brewery Sapporo for $400 million. John Sleeman remained as president of the brewery for another four years, and later became chairman of the board.

Popular Beers by this Brand

  • Honey Brown Lager
  • Original Draught
  • Railside Session Ale
  • Cream Ale
  • Sleeman Clear 2.0
  • Silver Creek Lager
  • Pier Point IPA
  • Maclays
  • Light
  • Upper Canada Lager
  • Rousse/Dark
  • Upper Canada Dark Ale
  • India Pale Ale
  • 5514
  • Fine Porter
  • Dark Chocolate Lager
  • Dog Days Summer Ale
  • Sleeman Clear 2.0 Peach
  • Steeped Coffee Ale
  • Speed River Pilsner

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