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This brand is discontinued

TIN WHISKERS BREWING is independently owned!

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Minnesota, United States

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Tin Whiskers Brewing was founded in 2014 in St Paul, Minnesota by Jeff Moriarty, George Kellerman and Jake Johnson. The three went to engineering school at the University of Minnesota together, and later worked at an engineering firm together. While there, they started homebrewing together, and were inspired by a speech that Surly Brewing CEO Omar Ansari gave, in which he said, “How can you become a brewer? Does your wife have insurance? Then you, sir, can become a brewer.”

The trio decided to build a brewery with a taproom, as the law had recently changed to allow breweries to serve beer on site. The taproom was built with waist high walls separating the service area from the brewery, allowing for visitors to see the production taking place.

In 2021, however, the brewery shut down. Moriarty cited rising material costs and lower levels of customers as a reason for the closure, and warned, “I feel like a bubble is coming — a reckoning is going to happen” in the craft beer industry. He also revealed that he had to go back to work as an engineer four years before the closure of the brewery to make ends meet.

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