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Massachusetts, United States


Tree House Brewing was founded in 2011 in Brimfield, Massachusetts by Dean Rohan, Nate Lanier, and Damien Goudreau. The three had started homebrewing together three years prior, and set up their first brewery on a small farm less than three acres in size. After a citizen of Brimfield filed a zoning dispute with the brewery, Tree House moved to a farm owned by a family member in Monson, Massachusetts. At the time, they claimed to be the only off-grid brewery in the country, brewing with well water.

In 2017, Tree House expanded to a 53,000 square foot facility in Charlton, Massachusetts, while retaining the Monson location for barrel aging. This was followed by several more expansions: to Woodstock, Connecticut in 2019; to Cape Cod and Western Massachusetts in 2021, and to Tewksbury, Massachusetts in 2022. Another location in Saratoga Springs is currently planned.

In 2023, Tree House was sued, along with remaining owners Lanier and Goudreau, by Eric Granger, who owns 2% of the company to the others’ 49% each. Granger invested in the company in 2012, and in 2015 his shares were converted to non-voting stock. He claims that he has tried to request business documents to assess the value of his shares since 2021 but has been denied, and that management altered a document in 2022 to use in an application for one of their new locations. Granger also claims that Lanier and Goudreau formed LLCs to self-deal with Tree House, illegally enriching themselves at his expense. The lawsuit is ongoing.

Popular Beers by this Brand

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  • Bright
  • Juice Machine
  • Doubleganger
  • Lights On
  • Very Hazy
  • Hurricane
  • Super Typhoon
  • Super Treat
  • Bright Citra
  • King JJJuliusss
  • In Perpetuity
  • Eureka (with Citra)
  • Super Sap
  • Perfect Storm
  • Aaalterrr Ego
  • Gggreennn!

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