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Massachusetts, United States

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Trillium Brewing was founded in 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts by husband and wife JC and Esther Tetreault. Inspired by the vineyard at which they were married, the couple envisioned Trillium as a farmhouse style brewery, even though its location was in the heart of Boston. The brewery expanded quickly, but was beset early on by organizational challenges; in 2014 it had to shut down for nearly a month after the management failed to renew its alcohol license.

In 2015, the couple opened a second location in Canton, Massachusetts, followed by a third seasonal location on The Greenway in Boston. They added a restaurant and brewery in Fort Point near their original location in 2018, followed by another in the Fenway neighborhood in 2019. In 2021 they moved their Canton location to a bigger facility less than five miles away. The old facility continues to be used as a production brewery.

The brewery faced criticism in 2018 after employees posted on complained about management cutting wages, among other unsavory business tactics. The owners later apologized publicly and restored the previous wages of its employees. Despite this, the brewery has remained well regarded, and is seen as one of the originators of the New England IPA style, along with Hill Farmstead Brewery and The Alchemist.

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  • Galaxy Dry Hopped Fort Point
  • PM Dawn
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  • Double Dry Hopped Summer Street
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  • Double Dry Hopped Scaled
  • Scaled Up
  • Heavy Mettle
  • Double Dry Hopped Stillings Street
  • Mosaic Cutting Tiles
  • Launch Beer
  • Stillings Street
  • Dialed-In: Pinot Gris
  • The Streets

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