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Georgia, United States

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Ultra Right Beer, also known as Conservative Dad’s Beer, was founded in 2023 in Georgia by Seth Weathers, a former political operative and owner of the Freedom Speaks Up merchandise company. Weathers had been active in conservative circles of the internet, and was known for his transphobic remarks. He took advantage of the media frenzy that erupted in April of 2023 when Bud Light issued a personalized can of beer to a trans performer. Right wing pundits began to urge for a boycott of the brand, and Weathers issued a press release for the beer, saying “America’s been buying beer from a company that doesn’t even know which restroom to use. There’s a new beer in town!” However, at the time Weathers did not own a brewery or have any licensing ability to sell beer.

Weathers initially announced that he would be partnering with a brewery in Illinois and selling the beer online, but industry members quickly pointed out that without a retailer’s license in the state of Illinois, that plan was illegal. In May of 2023 a Certificate of Label Approval was issued from the federal Tax and Trade Bureau that showed that the beer would be brewed at Big Kettle Brewing, the contract brewing arm of Ironshield Brewing. The company had recently filed for bankruptcy, and appeared to have no qualms working with the controversial brand. They received significant blowback from the decision to contract with Ultra Light, and later that year, Ironshield shut down permanently. Weathers then began brewing Ultra Right at Brew Hub in Lakeland, Florida.

Many have criticized the beer as a grift to take advantage of anti-trans sentiments among the far right. The beer initially was sold for over $20 a six pack, and was described as “100% Woke-Free American Beer.”

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