UNE ANNÉE BREWERY is independently owned!

First Brewed



Illinois, United States


Une Année Brewery was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 2013 by Jerry Nelson. An architect and a former Marine, Nelson first fell in love with Belgian and French beers while studying abroad in Versailles, France. After statrting to homebrew, his first offering to friends was “Maya,” named after his daughter, to be celebrated at her first birthday party – hence the name “Une Année,” which means “One Year” in French.

Nelson was later joined in the operation by his brother Dave Nelson and Dave’s wife Jen. In 2015, the company added the “Hubbard’s Cave” line of non-Belgian inspired beers to expand their offerings. That brand takes its name from the tunnel near where the company was born on Hubbard Street. The company moved to a larger brewery in 2017 in neighboring Niles, Illinois, where they were able to add a taproom to their offerings. That taproom was later moved in 2020 to a new location, complete with a barbecue kitchen on site.

Popular Beers by this Brand

  • Pils
  • Hubbards Cave Fresh One Hop IPA Citra
  • Hubbards Cave French Toast
  • Hubbards Cave Coffee & Cakes Imperial Stout
  • Tripel Abbey Ale
  • Hubbards Cave Peanut Butter Cup Imperial Stout
  • Fest Oktoberfest Marzen
  • Hubbards Cave Coco Van Imperial Stout
  • Accident In Hubbards Cave Imperial Stout
  • Ouais American Wild Ale
  • Hubbards Cave Triple IPA
  • Esquisse American Wild Ale
  • Hubbards Cave Coffee Porter
  • Framboise American Wild Ale
  • Hubbards Cave Fresh V8 IIPA
  • Hubbards Cave Fresh V12 IPA
  • Peche American Peach Wild Ale
  • Airing Of Grievances Imperial Stout
  • No Regrets Mosaic American Wild Ale
  • Hubbards Cave Vanilla Imperial Stout
  • Hubbards Cave Mocha Pot De Creme Imperial Stout
  • Hubbards Chocolate & Blackberry Pot De Creme Imp S
  • Hubbards Cave Chocolate Raspberry Pot De Creme Imp
  • Hubbards Cave Chocolate & Cinnamon Pot De Creme Im

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