New Belgium Partnering with Tombstone on Pizza-Flavored Beer

UPDATE, MARCH 13: New Belgium has announced the collaboration on their Voodoo Ranger website with more information on the product. Full copy is below:

Tombstone Pizza and Voodoo Ranger are joining forces to take pizza and beer to the next level with I(Pizza) A. Inspired by Tombstone Pizza’s born-in-a-bar heritage, this limited release Pizza IPA is for the boldest of beer and pizza lovers.

This 7% ABV slice of heaven delivers the flavors of Tombstone’s crispy crust, tangy tomato sauce, and savory herbs and spices into an ice-cold refreshing beer. The finishing pepperoni kick of heat that will make you reach for another slice… or another pint.

March 7 – It looks like New Belgium Brewing Company is working on a collab beer – although this one is not coming from within the brewing community.

Newly filed documents show the Fort Collins-based brewery is planning to release a pizza-flavored beer as a tie in with Tombstone Pizza. The beer, a variation on their Voodoo Ranger sub-brand, is called “IPizzaA,” and appears to be 7% ABV IPA with natural flavors added.

No word yet on when the product will be released. New Belgium, which is owned by Kirin Brewery, and Tombstone Pizza, owned by Nestlé, has not commented on where or when the beer will be available, though it is likely that the product is aimed at targeting buyers in grocery stores; the beer will be available in 16oz cans to throw in the shopping cart with the frozen pizzas.

The brand isn’t the first to combine pizza flavors into a beer. Martin House Brewery launched their “Space Pizza” beer in 2021, and Sprecher Brewing has a Mamma Mia! branded beer as well. Given the size of New Belgium, however, this may be the first that reaches widespread success.