Remind Me: What’s that Beer with the Sugar Skull on the Can?

If there’s one thing we can trust breweries to do, it’s to thoughtfully incorporate Mexican culture into their beers in a culturally sensitive way. Right?

Well with the growing popularity of Mexican-style lager amongst craft breweries, you’d hope that there would be some diversity in its can art motifs as well. Right?


Nope. It’s all sugar skulls, baby.

To be sure, beer design has seemed to advance a little in its representation of Mexico from the days where it was just sombreros and Chihuahuas. But there’s definitely still a bias amongst American beer can designers to go first-thought-best-thought when it comes to Mexican lager.

So here are 17 beer can designs from breweries that have decided that the whole country can basically be boiled down to Ernesto from Coco. With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, get ready to see a few more of these (even though the tradition is decidedly a Día de los Muertos thing).