What does FIFCO Own?

Florida Ice & Farm Company, otherwise known as FIFCO, was founded in 1908 in Siquirres, Costa Rica. Despite its name, it has no connection to Florida; instead, the name refers to the estate the Lindo brothers founded the company upon. In 1912 they entered the brewing business, purchasing the brewery owned by José Traube. They expanded in 1956, purchasing the Cervecería Ortega, which they joined with their brewery and renamed Cervecería Costa Rica. In 2007, they purchased SABMiller’s holdings in Costa Rica, and the following year they began exporting their beer to China in exchange for importing Tsingtao. In 2012, they entered the American market when they purchased North American Breweries, which owned the rights to Labatt in the United States, as well as Genesee, Magic Hat, Pyramid, and others.