Great Frontier Holdings was founded by Josh Landan in 2021 in San Diego, California, originally as Wings & Arrow LLC. Landan had previously started Saint Archer in 2013, which he sold to Molson Coors in 2015. The company had grown from just 4,000 barrels in 2013 to over 17,000 in 2014, and it became Molson Coors’ first purchase in the craft beer space.

Following the acquisition, Landan went on to start a number of food and beverage companies. In 2016 he launched Villager Goods, a food and soft drink line. In 2018 he started Scout Distribution, which distributes beer throughout Southern California. In 2020, with the investment backing of several celebrity skateboarders, actors, and comedians, Landan created Ashland Hard Seltzer and later Villager Spirits. Both companies were merged together in a holding company called Wings & Arrow in 2021. In 2023, Wings & Arrow merged with Ninkasi to form Great Frontier Holdings. Ninkasi had previously been purchased by Legacy Breweries in 2019, but was quickly reacquired by the original owners in 2021 after a separation agreement was announced between the parties.

Great Frontier also owns several brands it created, including Pacific Sparkling, Mucho Aloha, Ashland Spirits, and Voyage Hard Iced Tea. Landan has described the company’s model as similar to that of Boston Beer Company, in which the parent company launches brands in different alcoholic beverage segments, rather than creating brand extensions among its existing properties.

In 2023 Great Frontier Holdings also acquired Ecliptic Brewing from its original owners. The company has raised over $10 million in recent years, and also has a significant contract brewing business. Montana-based brewery Montucky has used their facility to contract brew its beer.