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Central African Republic, Africa

Africa Ti L’or is a brand of beer created by the Wagner Group in Bangui, Central African Republic, beginning in 2022. It was created by the mercenary group as a means of exerting Russian influence in the CAR to counter pro-Western sentiments. Although the group is most famous for its operations in Ukraine, they have significant mercenary and economic operations throughout Africa as well. In the CAR, they have been active in the ongoing Civil War, and are supporters of the government of President Faustin-Archange Touadéra. The group is also responsible for mining and logging operations in the country. 

The primary beer in the Central African Republic has for decades been Mocaf, owned by French company Groupe Castel. However, anti-colonialist sentiments in the region have led to disdain for the product amongst Central Africans. The Wagner Group, looking to exert more control over the area, established Africa Ti L’or and began promoting it heavily as an anti-French beer.

In March 2023, Wagner launched an arson attack on the Mocaf brewery that destroyed much of their operations. Groupe Castel had previously been found to be supporting militias in the ongoing civil war, which Wagner seized upon to cause boycotts of the company and encourage support for Africa Ti L’Or, which it described as a “Russian Beer.”

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