BLACKSTACK BREWING is independently owned!

First Brewed



Minnesota, United States


BlackStack Brewing was founded in St. Paul, Minnesota by Scott Johnson and his family in 2017. Johnson died in April of 2023, but his family still controls the brewery.

Popular Beers by this Brand

  • You’re Compensating NEIPA
  • Thread Count Double Dry Hopped Double IPA
  • Triple 755 TDH TIPA
  • Laugh Now Cry Later DDH TIPA
  • Water Pipes DDH IPA
  • Purely Decorative Double IPA
  • Catch A Wave DIPA
  • Loud Pack Xl TDH TIPA
  • Fugazi Italian Style Pils
  • Small Caps Lower Case IPA
  • DDH 755 Exp 17701 DDH IPA
  • And Toppling Goliath DDH Jurassic Park DDH TIPA
  • Jack Moves TIPA
  • Alf Pogs Gose
  • Dads Stoked TIPA
  • Thatz Kolsch Bier
  • And Cerebral Speaker City Cold School IPA
  • Whos Idea Was This Pale Ale
  • Killer Bees Shaolin Style DDH DIPA
  • DDH 755 Nelson DDH IPA
  • The Lost World TIPA
  • DDH 755 DIPA
  • Slow Clap IPA
  • Tech Decks IPA
  • Rare Triple IPA
  • Free Strata TIPA
  • Thanks A Lot IPA
  • Bombers DDH DIPA
  • First Rodeo NEIPA
  • Non Fungible TIPA
  • Piano Lessons DIPA
  • Loud Pack DDH DIPA
  • T Shirt Cannon TIPA
  • Double 755 DDH DIPA
  • Can Phones DDH DIPA
  • Through The Wire IPA
  • DDH All Caps DDH DIPA
  • Shipping Delays NEIPA
  • TDH Dad Jokes TDH DIPA
  • Belly Buttons DDH TIPA
  • Mommy Dearest DDH DIPA
  • Wire Transfer DDH DIPA
  • Simcoe & Chill Cold IPA
  • Loon Squad Game Day IPA
  • Foresight DDH Double IPA
  • DDH Link In Bio DDH DIPA
  • Wild Wild West Coast IPA
  • Standing Ovation TDH TIPA
  • Red Bottoms Gold Top DIPA
  • Sponsored Content Pale Ale
  • And Weldwerks Loud Bits DDH DIPA
  • Speltie Oatie Dope Delicious TIPA
  • Building Blocks Citra & Oats DIPA
  • And Phantasm Final Fantasy 2 DIPA
  • Viewers Like You Apple Pie Shrub Sour
  • Hop Circles Exhibit B Unidentified DIPA
  • DDH Pull Tabs Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale
  • Whip Its Simcoe & Mosaic West Coast Lager
  • And Equilibrium Stack At The Lab DDH Double IPA
  • Farmersonly Funky Foeder Aged Farmhouse Adjacent A

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