LION BRIDGE BREWING is independently owned!

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Iowa, United States


Lion Bridge Brewing Company was founded in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2014 by husband and wife Quinton and Ana McClain. Based out of the historic Fritz’s Food Market grocery building, Lion Bridge is at the center of the Czech themed “New Bohemia” neighborhood in Cedar Rapids. The brewery is named after the bridge less than two hundred yards from the brewery which is covered in lions, the symbol of the Czech Republic.

Quinton, who was from Cedar Rapids originally, moved out to Colorado to go to college, and became a brewer at Fort Collins Brewery while there. He saw the lack of breweries in Cedar Rapids as an opportunity to come back to town and fill a niche. Cedar Rapids has a large population of people of Czech heritage, including the McClains, and so they set up shop in New Bohemia. Their location was the first grocery store in town, and had recently flooded, so there was an opportunity to rehabilitate it.

Ana, who has an MBA, runs the business side of the operation. Lion Bridge quickly achieved critical success in 2014 with a GABF gold medal, which helped gain them recognition in the area. In 2018, the company added a canning line to increase their distribution throughout the state.

Popular Beers by this Brand

  • Crushberry Kettle Sour
  • Compensation English Mild Ale
  • Tag Tangerine Wheat Ale
  • Yard Sale IPA
  • Olde 17 Irish Style Stout
  • Ziva Voda Czech Style Pilsner
  • Bridge Beer Golden Ale
  • Home Baked Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
  • The Emperor Of Ice Cream Imperial Milk Stout
  • The Spice Must Flow Black Ale
  • Oktobot 3000 Barrel Aged Imperial Oktoberfest Styl
  • Shindig Hazy Double IPA
  • Centaurus Session IPA
  • Gazprom Imperial Stout
  • Majestic Beast Hazy IPA
  • Corporate Mandate Hazy IPA
  • These Boots Were For Made Hoppin Hazy IPA
  • Mallow Gold Barrel Aged Smores Imperial Stout

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